CHICKEN COOP (Turkey Mouth Call)

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 We offer all of our custom mouth calls with the option of low, medium, and high stretched reeds.  This gives you the ability to find the best turkey mouth call for you and really customize your style.  Finding the right stretched call is crucial and can take your calling to the next level.

If you are new to using turkey mouth calls we recommend starting out with the medium stretch.  Our medium stretched calls are a great starting point.  This will give you feedback and let you know if you need to move to a higher or lower stretched call. 

We also offer the CHICKEN COOP STARTER PACKAGE.  This 3 pack of calls includes the low, medium, and high stretched call at a discounted price.

The CHICKEN COOP (Turkey Mouth Call) is engineered with a yellow latex reed on top, a prophylactic reed in the middle, and a prophylactic reed on the bottom. This call has been a favorite since it was introduced.  It is a very balanced call. Great call for yelps, cutting, clucks, and purrs.  This call has a clear front end that rolls into a medium rasp back end.  This call will get those big boys coming in full strut!

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