Effortless Raspy Calls with the SMOKIN REED 2.0 (2 REED)

The video below demonstrates the sound and precision given with the updates made from the SMOKIN HEN diaphram call.

About the Call

Draw in more turkeys with the SMOKIN HEN 2.0 (2 REED)! Our custom turkey diaphragm/mouth call is engineered with thicker latex than the original SMOKIN HEN (2 REED) for easy, effortless raspier calls with great purr, whine, and whistle. Find a customized style with Kluck's low, medium, or high stretched reeds – plus, get the starter pack with all 3 reeds at a discounted price! Get the proven results you need this spring or fall. Prepare to be blown away with the pure turkey sound of SMOKIN HEN 2.0 (2 REED)!

SMOKIN HEN 2.0 (2 REED) Diaphragm Call

SMOKIN HEN 2.0 (2 REED) Diaphragm Starter Pack