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We offer every turkey mouth call with the option of low, medium, or high stretched reeds. This gives you the customization to find the perfect mouth call for your style of calling.

The Kluk promise

Our mission at Kluk Custom Calls is to provide the most consistent, top-quality, turkey mouth calls on the market. Our turkey calls are hand-crafted and stretched to perfection. Committed to excellence, we aim to enhance the hunting experience. There is no more hoping that your call will sound good. Our calls sound amazing straight out of the package. Back that up with phenomenal customer service, and you can't go wrong with KLUK CUSTOM CALLS.

CRYING KAREN Starter Package

CRYING KAREN Starter Package

Regular price$29.99

Curious what kind of sounds this call makes?

The CRYING KAREN offers a selection of Low, Medium, and High stretch call models, so you can determine the optimal fit for your purposes.  This call's advanced technology includes a black latex reed and two natural reeds, allowing it to replicate a range of turkey vocalizations with unparalleled accuracy and realism.  Unleash the power of CRYING KAREN and take your turkey calling to the next level.



Awesome calls, great prices, and I recieved my calls the very next day.

Jason Simpson

Easy to use calls that don’t fall apart. Very durable and sweet sounding. The proof is in the spurs!

Montana Gaither

Calls sound really good. You can really work these effortlessly and they produce great sounds. I went with the combo pack and called in birds with all three this spring.

Nate Yeager