turkey mouth calls

Turkey Mouth Calls for your next hunt


      Every turkey diaphragm call is crafted with the highest standards of excellence and dependability. A range of reed tensions are available, including low, medium and high, so that you can find the perfect call for you. If you're interested in testing out all three reed tensions, be sure to take a look at our STARTER PACKAGES.

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      Kluk Custom Calls has the best quality turkey mouth calls. I have been a long term user of Woodhaven Custom Calls and will be switching to Kluk from here on out. My father and I got two birds within the first 30 minutes of the turkey hunt!


      The guys over at Kluk Custom Calls are unreal! I was looking for a new diaphragm call that would give me more rasp and decided to reached out. Within minutes I got a response from Brian! Not only that, he had 3 recommendations for me and sounded genuinely enthusiastic to help a fellow woodsman.


      Easy to use turkey calls that don’t fall apart. Very durable and sweet sounding. The proof is in the spurs!

      Montana Gaither