My love for hunting and the outdoors started at an early age. I was twelve when I went on my first spring gobbler hunt.  It's a hunt I will never forget.  Three Jakes came in silent and walked from my right to left.  When they were about three yards away, I squeezed the trigger. I heard a loud bang and the birds flew down over the hillside.  I missed, but that was the day I became obsessed with turkey hunting. 

     As I grew older, my love for turkey hunting kept on growing.  It was the reason for my first detention in high school.  The principal didn't appreciate all of my late arrivals because of that one last gobble!  It provided ever lasting memories with some of my best friends.  It gave me the opportunity to help friends and family harvest their first gobblers.

     The idea of starting my own business started at the beginning of April 2020.  I started building calls for friends and family as a hobby, but it turned into so much more.  The support and feedback was overwhelming.  Hearing people tell me "that was the best call I have ever used" was a great feeling.  

     So the brainstorming and engineering process began.  I started pressing and trying out call after call.  I wouldn't stop until my call produced the perfect realistic sounds. 

     The goal of our company is to produce quality and consistent calls.  Add Superb customer service and we know we have a recipe for success.  We are beyond excited to start this long journey.

     Finally, I would like to give thanks to my wife and my kids.  I want to thank them for being supportive of my dreams and aspirations.  I would also like to give thanks to my friends and first customers.  Thanks for pushing me to start my own business.  Thanks for giving me the motivation to start this new chapter in my life.